All our icon designs are royalty free for use in both personal and commercial projects.
There is no need to attribute or create a linkback when the icon designs are used in a personal project.
However you need to attribute our icon designs and add a required linkback when used in a commercial project.

If you are a paid pro member of our services, you do not need to attribute or create a linkback when using our icon designs in a commercial project.

When you use our icons in a project connected to a business and/or with the intent of generating a revenue, it is considered a commercial project. This can be making a website or mobile design for a client, or when the icons are used by a company on its website and marketing materials.
Free users need to attribute our icon designs with an attribution or linkback when used in a commercial project.
The link can point to our home page, the app, icon pack or to an icon. On websites, we require linking from all pages where any of our icons are in place.
You can put a link in the footer if the icons are used on each page. On software and apps, put a link in your about or description section. On videos and presentations, put a link in the description or in your acknowledgment section. Example of links below:
<a href="">Icons by Orion Icon Library</a><a href="">Menu Icon by Orion Icon Library</a>orIcons by Orion Icon Library -
Menu Icon by Orion Icon Library -
Website links cannot be no follow.

All our Premium extra icon designs can only be downloaded and used in projects by paid pro members of our service.

You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer our icon designs to any third party as is. This includes uploading our icon designs on a media-sharing website and share download links, and offering our icon files as a separate attachment from any of your work. If you do plan to include one of our icon designs on an item or template that will be sold on a website or marketplace, we ask of you to contact us first to determine the proper use of our icon designs before doing so.

With a pro paid membership our icon designs can be used in a item or website template sold through a marketplace with no attribution required. You cannot however resell or redistribute our icon design files as is. Please contact us before using them in this way to ensure that you abide by our license.

You cannot use our icon designs for a print business reselling the designs on garments or other printable items. Orion Icon Library runs its own apparel and accessories store.

If you would like to share one of our icon designs you can do so making a link to the specific icon page on and use our preview images. No Hotlinking is allowed i.e. you cannot make a direct link to the download or/and the images hosted on

This License is exclusive to the use of the icon designs downloaded from, any external license such as license does not apply.

Any violation of this license policy may result in a copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right infringement that may subject the end user to civil and / or criminal penalties.